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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magic Travel Pouch?

Magic Travel Pouch is a multipurpose bag for daily essentials. It is foldable, lightweight and portable.

How does it work?

The pouch is made using a simple drawstring mechanism. By unfolding the pouch flat, you can see all your cosmetics laid out in front of you. Once you’re done, there’s no need to pack up or organise your items neatly. Just simply pull the drawstring together and securely fasten the velcro. Then voila! You have magically transformed your travel pouch!

What designs does it come with?

The magic travel pouch comes in a variety of colours and designs, including waterproof, plush and sequins. We hand select our favourites and update our store every month. 

Which countries do you ship to?

Currently we only ship to the UK, however international shipping will be coming soon!

Do you accept returns?

Yes, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund or exchange. Items can be returned for up to 14 days from the date you purchased.

Any products you return must be in the same condition you received it and also in the original packaging.